Help Nellie’s Win a Website Makeover!

23 Feb

We have a chance to win a website makeover from tbk creative valued at up to $25,000 and we need your help!  All it takes is a quick visit to this facebook page and a click on the word “vote.”

Nellie’s website is a shining example of the finest in web design from 2005.  With a yellow color that screams at you when you arrive to a single scrolling image across the top of our site, it’s obvious we need a new website!  Please see below for photo evidence:

(Our website.  Click here to make it better. )

How you can help us:

1) Click on this link to vote.

2) Share your vote on facebook and ask your friends to help us win a new website!

3) Copy, paste, and tweet the following:

Vote @nelliesshelter for CANADA’S WEBSITE CHARITY CHALLENGE and help them win a new one here:

4) Forward this blog to a friend.

Help Nellie’s website come alive with the same passion, dedication, and commitment that we put into helping women and children escape violence.

Back in December you helped us raise enough money in under 24 hours to replace our boiler at the shelter.  We know you can help us win this website.  Thank you for your vote.


One Response to “Help Nellie’s Win a Website Makeover!”

  1. Kristina Tencil February 28, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    Best of luck! If this doesn’t work out though you should check out a company that we used for our website: Keep up the good work!

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